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[qk_service_block title=”Installation” icon=”fa-css3″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]Along with utilising quality materials, Coldmaster also provides quality installations, second to none. We are able to build to plan, or if you do not have a specific design our team can visit your site and along with your vision, produce a room suitable to your needs. Our installation team is able to work around any constraints that may be in place on your site.[/qk_service_block]
[qk_service_block title=”Maintenance” icon=”fa-css3″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]Coldmaster technicians can provide your entire servicing needs whether you need routine maintenance for one of our installed rooms or to repair any issues you have with existing room. Whether it is cosmetic or structural, it does not matter if we did not install it, we can guarantee we can fix it.[/qk_service_block]
[qk_service_block title=”Portable Solutions” icon=”fa-css3″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]Our company is able to offer our clients practical cooling solutions for those on the move. We have designed and installed a wide array of portable coolrooms for our clients including vehicle and truck installations, trailers and skids.[/qk_service_block]
[qk_service_block title=”Hardware” icon=”fa-css3″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]We offer our customers a large variety of hardware fittings of different designs and styles for their room. Speak to our consultants to find the right hardware for you.[/qk_service_block]
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